For sale by owner sellers show agents how to sell!

Have you ever sold a property with an agent and thought to yourself, ‘I could have done that’? Well now you can!

The ‘’ market has become an increasingly popular way for Vendors to sell their own home. Consumers have realised that in order to keep the profit on the sale of their property they need to take full control of the process.

sellers are achieving fantastic results when selling their own home, often well above their own expectations. Real estate agents have now been forced to stand up and take notice. When your house is well presented and priced correctly, you will attract the right buyer.

Not only do you have control over every aspect of the sale of your property, you are also saving yourself thousands of dollars in agent commission. It’s a very simple and straightforward process; agents don’t have a special formula to work off. A seller needs a buyer and a buyer needs a seller. This is the only part of the equation required.

Commission Free Real Estate can assist you in making this simple process even easier. They advertise your property for you, provide you with all the information you will need, take you through the process step by step and all for an extremely low, one off fee. Best of all they don’t charge you any commission when you , that’s right, you pay . Why should they profit from your hard work.

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No Commission Parramatta & Western Sydney private property sales

Many areas of Western Sydney are leading NSW when it comes to both infrastructure improvements and property growth. This exciting combination has seen an influx of new buyers and sellers tempted into the Western Sydney real estate market.

With the announcement of the two new football teams for Western Sydney the Giants and the new A-League team, its an exciting time for families to be living in Parramatta and other Western Sydney areas. These new teams bring not only sport, but opportunities for employment and also do their fair share of bringing these diverse communities together.

Property investors and home sellers are savvy enough to realise these significant changes in their communities will also bring along personal opportunities to make money, and the best way to  do that has always been selling and buying property.

Many home sellers are jumping on the back of this interest spike and are using the latest for sale by owner no commission private house sales systems to save thousands of dollars. By saving huge commission fees in areas where there is already great demand vendors are laughing all the way to the bank.

A no commission Parramatta property sale is easier than you think when you use the best for sale by owner method available in NSW. We advertise your home where the agents do but you pay no commission. Sell your own home and save thousands.

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The cheapest way to sell your own home

Due to such a volatile economy, many people have been forced to reign in their spending and tighten their purse strings. Consumers are now looking for ways to save money whilst selling their home.

The best way to make yourself more money in the real estate game is to sell your own home. More and more people are entering the ‘’ market and choosing this option to sell their own property. Consumers are sick of paying high commission to real estate agents when there are many tools available for them to sell their own home.

Paying no commission is an extremely attractive proposition. Vendors are starting to wonder why they have to part with such a large amount of their profits when selling their property.

Going down the ‘’ path is the most cost effective and . Not only do vendors save thousands of dollars in commission, they also have full control over the price they are willing to accept for their property.

Some view ‘Private house sales’ as a daunting task, however Commission Free Real Estate have made this process very simple. They are able to assist vendors every step of the way. A small, one off fee, enables Vendors to sell their own home, save commission and achieve outstanding results all via a one stop online shop.

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For sale by owner lets you Save on Commission!

Have you always considered the thought of a private sale to be attractive, but always believed the risk may out weigh the reward?

If you answered yes then you are not alone. Vendors trying to sell using a for sale by owner  private house sales method had been severely disadvantaged in the past. People were only able to list and sell their own home on private sale websites that were not listed on the major real estate domains. This was left private property sellers homes lingering on the market for months and often years.

Private real estate sales have come along way since then thankfully, mainly thanks to market leading websites such as Commission Free Real Estate. They now offer packages that allow private house sellers and people wanting to use a for sale by owner method, only the most effective way to produce a quick and successful sale. The techniques they use to guarantee this are the same as a traditional agent uses. That’s what makes it work!

The best part of using Private sale real estate method is that you save on commission fees. These savings are often huge generally around $10-20k per house sale.

Just think if you could fees on your property what could you use that extra cash for ?

  • New boat
  • New car
  • Family Holiday
  • Renovations on your next property
  • Kids schooling

The opportunities are endless ! To see how you can and sell your own home visit our website today.

Private real estate sales in Hurstville & NSW sales lead the way

Private home sellers all over NSW but particularly in areas around the St.George district including Hurstville, Rockdale, Brighton le-sands and Kogarah have taken on board the private real estate or private house sales selling methods. These selling techniques are allowing many for sale by owner sellers the opportunity to gain control of their property sale. The best part of a or surrounding areas means that you can save commission and agent fees.

By selling your own home people previously believed that they would be disadvantaged compared to an agent assisted sale. This is no longer the case as people embarking on a private real estate sale are now able to use the exact same selling tools that make the agents so successful. The main selling tool in today’s market shouldn’t be any surprise to the majority of real estate junkies or anyone for that matter, its the Internet. Over 90% of all buyer enquiries are first initiated through this advertising medium. This fact means that if you were to advertise your own property online where the agents do, then this would produce the exact same amount of people coming to look and possibly buy.

At Commission Free Real Estate our and and NSW packages deliver just what you need and nothing you don’t. Our packages start from as low as just $499.00 no more to pay to market and sell your own home, and you pay no commission.

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Campbelltown & Western Sydney private house sales on the rise.

Sydney’s largest and quickest growing region the Western suburbs or Western Sydney is seeing dramatic growth in both infrastructure and population. Sydney has become un-affordable for many families due to rising living costs. This has forced many families to consider moving out to the Western suburbs in order to live a more comfortable life.

Home sellers in the western suburbs have not missed the opportunity to make best of this new influx of interest and demand for properties, and people looking to buy in their areas. Home sellers have sought new ways to maximise profits and have found what appears to be the answer they are looking for.

regions have seen a dramatic rise in private real estate and private house sales. Area’s such as Cambelltown, Penrith, Liverpool, Blacktown, Bankstown, Auburn, Camden, and Prospect have seen terrific growth. The opportunity to save money for people wanting to sell their own home is very desirable, this often means the difference between a sale and a great sale price. These savings can be in excess of $10,000-$15,000 on the average .

Home sellers using a new improved private house sale or for sale by owner method provided by companies such as Commission Free Real estate are now able to successfully sell their own home just like an agent. But best of they pay NO COMMISSION when the sale is complete.

If you are thinking of selling your own home in Western Sydney visit our website today at and see how you can save thousands on your private property sale.


No commission Sydney & NSW sales to change real estate.

Real estate in Sydney and NSW is set for a new and exciting change to the way we think and believe selling property should be done.
Vendors now have the chance to take control when they sell their own home and are no longer disadvantaged by a  sales method. The big agencies no longer have it all their own way when it comes to advertising where the majority of buyers search on and Commission Free Real Estate offers its customers the chance to advertise at the same places the agents do. By doing this it gives people wanting to sell their own house using a for sale by owner method the exact same exposure that’s makes the agents so successful.
have come along way in recent times and now offer everything required to ensure a quick and positive outcome. Selling your own home has never been easier and a no commission or commission free sale is what makes it so appealing. Vendor’s are saving themselves in excessive of $15,000 on the average Sydney property sale and this saving is being much appreciated in a tough real estate market.
If a  sale appeals to you be sure to visit our website today at  to see how you can save thousands of dollars in agent fees when you sell your own home.

How to sell your own house

Have you ever thought about how to sell your own house using a private house sales or for sale by owner method?

The private real estate sector has come along in leaps and bounds in recent times, we at Commission Free Real Estate believe we offer the perfect mix between a system and a Traditional agency style sale.

If you have ever wondered how to sell your own house just check out our hints and tips at our website to get lots of FREE and terrific useful information.

How to sell your own house

Our private house sales system provides sellers the exact same tools that make the traditional agents so successful but with us you pay NO COMMISSION.

To see how easily you can take back control of you sale and have successful private property sale be sure to visit our website today.