Frequently Asked Questions

What we do and what you do...


  • Organise and send out your order if you have purchased items from our store.
  • Upload your property on Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au + Facebook/Twitter and many other portals depending on the package you have purchased.
  • Pass on all buyer enquiries to you in order for you to follow up with potential buyers when required. If we are negotiating the sale of your property, we will follow up these enquiries on your behalf.
  • Provide ongoing advice and assistance from our licensed real estate agents to guide you though the selling process.
  • Make necessary changes to your listing such as open for inspection times etc.


  • Organise your contract of sale by either using our preferred Solicitor firm or your own.
  • Return to us the required paper work so we can get you started asap.
  • Provide us with your photos and advertising script if you are not using one of our professional services.
  • Do your Open for Inspections either by time or by appointment (Whenever suits you).
  • Follow up buyer enquiries on your property.
  • Come to an agreement on a price that you are happy with when you have an interested buyer (We then provide you the paperwork to give to your Solicitor/Conveyancer so they can exchange the contracts as per normal)


What happens once I pay for the package I have chosen?

Once payment is received and completed through our on-line store, Lorri our licensee will email you all the relevant and required information in order to have your property listed as soon as possible. Once you have completed and returned the required forms/information by either fax, email or standard mail and we will be able to upload your property to the different real estate portals. We will be dispatching any additional items via courier such as for sale signs, open for inspection signs and flags etc as soon as possible.


Who is actually selling my property?

To clarify this for our customers. This is an agent assisted sale. We are not selling your property; you are selling your own property with our assistance. We are merely a conduit to allow you to advertise your property where it can gain maximum exposure. This gives you and your property the best chance of a quick and successful sale. This reason agents are so successful in attracting buyers is that they advertise in the right places, and so do we.

We will email you all buyer enquiries received about your property so you can follow up any potential buyers at your earliest convenience. If we receive a phone call about your property, we will pass on your contact number to that potential buyer.

If you are looking for more input from us we can offer you our negotiation service for a fee of $4,995.00. This includes one of our agents taking interested buyer enquiries and negotiating the selling price on your behalf. (This service is very much the same as a traditional agent sale but you only pay $4,995.00.) We include many other valuable products in the Professional Negotiation and Agent Service package.


If I don’t sell my property in the first month, how much will it cost me? 

Absolutely Nothing if you chose the listed until Sold package. if you purchased the Monthly package its is just the initial fee, then $89/month if required. 

We offer the best value deals in Australia and our packages provide you ample time to sell your own home without the worry of ongoing hidden fees. 


Can I make changes to my advertising? 

Yes, we accept changes to the price, advertising headline and inspection times. These changes are best received by 5pm on Tuesday of each week, this allows potential buyers the best opportunity to see when your property will be open. 

Any changes must be sent to us in writing via email or fax. The Vendors name, full property address and any changes must be clearly stated.


How long does it take you to upload my property to Realestate.com and Domain.com?

Once payment, documentation, photographs and advertising script are received and approved, we endeavor to have your property listed as quickly as possible. We will have property listed on-line within 24 hours or your money back.


How do buyers react to vendors showing and selling their own property?

We have received no adverse feedback whatsoever. In fact, the opposite! 

Buyers really enjoy the opportunity to speak with the owners of the property. They benefit from the interaction with the owners and are far more confident and trusting with the answers they receive from a vendor. Think about it .... How many times have you asked an agent a question about a property only for them to tell you they don't know or will find out from the owner?

As the owner of the property you are much more qualified to answer anything a potential buyer may want, or need to know.


I’m not an agent or a salesperson how will I go showing my own home and negotiating the price?

You don’t need to be an agent, nor do you need to engage the services of an agent who will charge you 2.2- 3.5% or more in commission.

Thousands of people have sold their own homes, house's or unit's without the intervention of an agent and this is nothing new.

Who do you think knows your home better - You or an Agent? And… who else is more knowledgeable and qualified than you, to show its many benefits and features. 

Negotiating the sale price is not difficult at all.  It only takes a willing seller and a willing buyer to negotiate anything.

When negotiating the sale of your home, Who do you think has the best interests of your property firmly in mind? You? or your Agent? How many times have you said to yourself when dealing with an agent, Are they working for the vendor or the purchaser?  When you negotiate your own sale you have total control of all these situations.

Remember: Negotiations can be handled via email and in writing if you do not feel comfortable or want to discuss this in person or by phone. This is actually the preferred way of doing things as it can take the emotion, and stress out of the situation. Think about it..... When you have put an offer to an agent what do they generally say? That's right can you submit that to me in writing please. You can do the exact same!

Please refer to our Hints and Tips section.

If you are still not comfortable with the negotiation process then our own Licensee Lorri, will negotiate the sale price on your behalf. We do our very best to achieve you a premium price not just any price. (A flat negotiation fee applies, but you still pay no commission on the sale price saving you thousands)

BEWARE: Make sure you are dealing with Professionals that abide by the Department of Fair Trading rules and regulations together with the Property Stock and Business Agent Act in New South Wales. 1. Any person or agent that claims to, or informs you privately that they will take buyer enquiries and negotiate the selling price of your property without first inspecting the property is acting illegally - BEWARE!2. Any person that is negotiating the selling price of a property in New South Wales must be a registered real estate agent in New South Wales and hold at the very least, a Certificate of Registration or preferably be a Licensed Real Estate Agent - BEWARE! 3. A person must be registered as a Licensed Real Estate in New South Wales to advertise properties  'For Sale' on www.realestate.com.au in New South Wales – BEWARE!


What about the security when I am showing my own home?

It’s your home and your ‘open home’. You set the rules! That means you get to decide how much security you want or feel you need. 

You can have friends or relatives present therefore looking after your treasured possessions.

An agent simply doesn’t have the number of staff available to ensure security at ‘open for inspections’.


Can I auction my property through you?

We can most certainly advertise your property as an auction campaign. However, you would personally need to engage the services of an auctioneer and refer to, and administer the rules and regulations for auctioning a property. Please refer to the Department of Fair Trading in NSW. We have a well respected Auction company that we utilise in Sydney and can pass on their details should you require them.

Having said that; please be warned!

Some properties most definitely lend themselves to an auction campaign, however the majority do not. Agents love to push vendors towards auctions as the vendor is the one that pays for the highly expensive marketing campaign.

Unless your property is extremely unique or in high demand you are most unlikely to sell at auction, let alone achieve a higher sales price.  

This has been proven time and time again!

Furthermore the vast majority of buyers dislike auctions and many refuse to buy at auction. 


Do I need to inform you when I have sold my property, or if I decide to withdraw it from sale?

Yes, most definitely! It is a condition of our Terms and Conditions that you inform us immediately if either situation occurs.

You are not obliged to inform us of the selling price, but we would be most appreciative if you did.


How long does it take for my marketing material to arrive?

Once payment is made all marketing material will be processed and shipped within 24-36 hours and you will be emailed all required documentation.


What is the minimum cost I am able to sell my property for?

The minimum cost is $289, and your property is listed for 1 month on Realestate.com.au.

Remember; you are only paying very little to sell your own property and your paying NO commission.

Then why would you not take advantage of every opportunity available to you in order to get you property sold. You can increase your exposure by utilising the many marketing materials that we have in our on-line store.

After all, isn’t it your major objective to sell your property as quickly as possible and for the highest price?


How are you able to offer this service at such a reasonable rate?

Simply because we are not greedy!

By giving vendors the opportunity to take control and manage their own sale this allows us the opportunity to market their property at a very realistic rate.

Up until recently vendors were disadvantaged with advertising costs and areas of marketing available to them. They unfortunately had no choice but to engage the services of a traditional agent. Vendors have become aware that they can sell their property equally as well, if not better than the majority of agents could out there. 


If you negotiate the price on my behalf and I don’t sell my property, will you refund the negotiation fee?

We are unable to refund any portion of the negotiation fee due to circumstances beyond our control.

There is a buyer for every property but unfortunately some vendors may have an over inflated opinion of their property’s worth.

This results in NO SALE regardless of how well an agent or vendor negotiates the property.

If a realistic price is placed on the property together with the property being presented and marketed well, then it will sell.


If I have more than one property to sell will you give me the advertising and marketing at a reduced rate?

Yes, Please contact us should you have more than one property to list with us.

+ Remember you can always re-use some of the advertising material that you have purchased to use on your other property.


Are you open to feedback?

Of course, we take on board all the constructive feedback we can get. We are always looking at ways to improve our business and service. Furthermore, if you are unhappy with our service please tell us and allow us the opportunity to rectify any mistakes you believe we may have made.


Will you be there to assist me if I require help?

Of course, we are only a phone call, email or facsimile away.

One of our friendly staff will always return your call or email as soon as possible.